Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spiritual Thoughts Are Provoked In . . .

Spiritual thoughts are provoked in interesting places, such as watching Dirty Sexy Money. Without going into the details of the show, I'll high-light the relevant part. There is a character who is angry, bitter, lost, resentful, frustrated and a Reverend. He has these paradoxical moments where he shares beautiful and insightful thoughts on faith and spirituality that are mixed with moments of violent disdain and meanness.

The quote below is said when his life is in a state of crisis: career, family, everything is upside down. He is in a church and he asks (his otherwise life long rival - the good guy in the show)to sit next to him in this pew. He says:

"This is what church is for. Dragging the ruined past, through the messy present, into the perfect future... And then ruining it, together."

Initially I loved the first part but the second part ("ruining it")seemed unnecessary; but then I listened to it again. The second time I thought about the importance of the word "together" being added at the end.

A moment, even shared between rivals, when a person opens their heart and utter vulnerability and recognizes that in our brief human existences all we have is this concept of past, present, future - and we are there, together in the mess yet with hope for a perfect future - is a powerful moment.

Together we face the reality that the ugly parts of our past will have to be brought to a forefront - hopefully as a part of forgiveness, love, and healing - and we will wade through that mess but we will not wade alone. And then, because we are human and imperfect, we will likely ruin the next beautiful and hopeful future together. But ruining isn't necessarily ruining it in the ugly way, but stumbling through like we always do.

If that is what church is for, to stumble through life together, to confront our scars, and rejoice in even the messiest of times, then that's a beautiful thing.

So there it was, inspiration in a show called Dirty Sexy Money. I guess God can happen anywhere - but that is not news.

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